clean [adj1] not dirty; uncluttered apple-pie order*, blank, bright, cleansed, clear, delicate, dirtless, elegant, faultless, flawless, fresh, graceful, hygienic, immaculate, laundered, neat, neat as a button*, neat as a pin*, orderly, pure, sanitary, shining, simple, snowy, sparkling, speckless, spic and span*, spotless, squeaky, stainless, taintless, tidy, trim, unblemished, unpolluted, unsmudged, unsoiled, unspotted, unstained, unsullied, untarnished, vanilla*, washed, wellkept, white; concept 485 —Ant. cluttered, dirty, filthy, foul, polluted, stained, tarnished clean [adj2] sterile antiseptic, aseptic, clarified, decontaminated, disinfected, hygienic, pure, purified, sanitary, sterilized, unadulterated, uncontaminated, uninfected, unpolluted, unsullied, wholesome; concepts 314,485 —Ant. adulterated, dirty, impure, unsterile clean [adj3] chaste, virtuous blameless, crimeless, decent, exemplary, faultless, good, guiltless, honorable, inculpable, innocent, modest, moral, respectable, sinless, undefiled, unguilty, unsullied, upright, wholesome; concept 404 —Ant. besmirched, defiled, impure, unchaste, unvirtuous clean [adj4] precise, sharp clear, clear-cut, correct, definite, distinct, legible, neat, plain, readable, simple, trim, uncluttered; concept 535 —Ant. imprecise, indefinite, muddled clean [adj5] complete, thorough absolute, conclusive, decisive, entire, final, perfect, total, unimpaired, whole; concept 531 —Ant. incomplete clean [v] make undirty, uncluttered absterge, bath, bathe, blot, brush, cauterize, clarify, cleanse, clear the decks*, clear up, deodorize, depurate, deterge, disinfect, do up*, dredge, dust, edulcorate, elutriate, erase, expunge, expurgate, flush, hackle, launder, lave, mop, neaten, pick, pick up, polish, purge, purify, rake, rasp, refine, rinse, rout out, sanitize, scald, scour, scrape, scrub, shake out, shampoo, soak, soap, sponge, spruce up*, sterilize, straighten up, swab, sweep, tidy up, vacuum, wash, whisk, winnow, wipe; concepts 161, 165 —Ant. adulterate, defile, dirty, foul, soil, stain

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